Bed jackets were originally designed to be worn sitting in bed for warmth and a touch of glamour. Often made with quilted silks and satins, the silhouettes are feminine and comfortable. 

We love the muted colors of most bed jackets and get really excited when we find a brightly colored version in our search for one of a kind vintage pieces. 

We think bed jackets are anything but sleepwear and recommend wearing them in place of more traditional blazers.

We wear ours over tee shirts and jeans to dress up basics. Lightweight and feminine, they are the perfect item for long flights or afternoons on zoom calls. 

We hand embellish many of our bed jackets to create totally unique pieces. We embellish with Swarovski crystal buttons, grosgrain ribbons and hand made appliqués. 

In trying to keep amazing items in play for longer, experiment with a non-traditional approach to wearing vintage garments. Bed jackets as day wear is a great place to start.