Mandy Speers Volpe founded her namesake brand during the height of the Global Pandemic in spring 2020, when plenty of time at home and a new perspective on life struck inspiration. It all began with some tie-dye experimentation with her sisters, playing with colors and prints on old t-shirts and sweats in the backyard. Mandy discovered she had a knack for the design, and what started as a simply fun activity soon blossomed into a much larger concept. Now, a little over a year later, Mandy Speers Volpe sells several carefully curated collections of new, renewed, vintage and reworked fashion and accessories. All items, whether vintage or new, are one-of-a-kind, made from thoughtfully sourced and recycled fabrics, and are created to encourage chic, yet sustainable, individual style.

With a trained eye for elegance and a keen attention to detail, Mandy transforms what is old into something new. Mandy Speers Volpe is a brand that encourages customers to buy vintage whenever possible to help slow the need for fast fashion and keep garments in play for longer, supporting our planet and looking uniquely stylish while doing so. The concept of breathing new life into preloved garments is fundamental to Mandy’s vision – what is old is new again.

Mandy’s first collection focused on vintage hostess dresses, popular in the 1960s and 1970s. Also known as lounge gowns or column gowns, these stunningly simple dresses rose to the height of fashion with housewives who wanted to play the role of a tasteful hostess while still being comfortable in their own homes. Think of these gowns as the predecessor of the matching sweat suit we love today, made even more popular by a year at home! Mandy lovingly searches to find preloved, gently worn-in hostess dresses and column gowns. She then puts her talent to work and reimagines the pieces, crafting each item into a one-of-a-kind piece with repurposed polyester, sparkling embellishments, and luxurious flair. Think: glittering wings, silk tassels, delicate lace.

During her search for hostess dresses, Mandy discovered an entire world of other beautiful vintage pieces – from sweaters and jean jackets to cocktail dresses and skirts, which she added to the collection of reworked clothing – “Reworked by MSV”. Her ambitions continued - in the spring of 2021, Mandy took the brand even further, sourcing sustainable, luxe cottons from across the world to develop and produce her own luxury beach caftans, designed for comfort and style when on vacation at the beach or by the pool. Offered in an array of patterns, colors, and styles, Mandy’s caftans are all one-of-a-kind, extremely flattering, and extraordinarily soft. And she didn’t stop there! Next, Mandy extended her line with a collection of fun and funky accessories – customers can shop vintage head scarfs, hand beaded earrings, and renewed L.L. Bean Boat and Totes. And she is just getting started.

Priced carefully, with a budget in mind, Mandy’s beautifully curated collection of reworked clothing and accessories is designed to encourage sustainable self-expression through individual fashion.

After all, you’ve got vintage soul + new spirit.