Vintage towels remind me of my grandmother’s house. I remember her carrying a freshly laundered stack of mismatched towels to my room when I would visit. Some were old and frayed with faded colors and others were accidental stowaways from hotels long forgotten. Regardless of what they looked like, they always smelled like Tide and Downy.

 I was at an estate sale recently and saw a towel that perfectly matched some of the ones my Grandma had. They were bright pink with thick pile, velvet flowers. What is unique about many vintage designs is the colorway on one side is reversed on the other. I grabbed it and scrunched it in my hands. It felt like I remembered. Vintage terrycloth is softer than what is sold today.

Vintage is always better!

I set out to source towels from the 1960s and 1970s that remind me of summer time with Grandma. I am always delighted to hunt through old towel stacks to find the treasures.

I wanted a way to showcase these beautiful towels from the past. So was born our first line of vintage totes, fold-over clutches and pouches. These beautiful carryall bags are handmade in New York City using colorful zippers, tassels and handles. No two bags will ever be alike. Each design is thoughtfully crafted with the pattern and contrast color way in mind.

By using what already exists to make something new is fundamental to our values and mission.

We hope you will treasure your original new vintage bags forever.

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