Mandy Speers Volpe founded her namesake brand during the height of the Global Pandemic in spring 2020, when plenty of time at home and a new perspective on life struck inspiration. Now, a little over a year later, Mandy Speers Volpe sells several curated collections of fashion and accessories.

With a discerning eye for eclectic style and attention to detail, Mandy transforms what is old into something new. Mandy Speers Volpe is a brand that encourages clients to buy vintage whenever possible to help slow the need for new fashion and keep garments in play for longer. Mandy believes it is possible to support and help heal our planet while looking uniquely stylish.  

The concept of breathing new life into unnew garments is fundamental to Mandy’s vision – what is old is new again. Mandy is a breast cancer survivor and this thinking was fundamental to her getting through aggressive treatment and multiple surgeries. She believes in second chances.   

Mandy’s first collection focused on vintage hostess dresses, popular in the 1960s and 1970s with women who wanted to be comfortable at home while entertaining. These stunningly simple garments rose to the height of fashion when in-home entertaining was all the rage. Since the Pandemic, and plenty of in-home get togethers, Mandy reimagines the gowns to be inclusive of every body. They are incredibly comfortable and flattering on all body types.  

A lifelong vintage enthusiast, Mandy searches the world for exceptional garments to add to her on-line marketplace. 

Priced carefully, with a budget in mind, Mandy’s hand-curated collection of clothing and accessories is designed to encourage sustainable self-expression through individual fashion. After all, you’ve got vintage soul + new spirit!

It is part of Mandy’s mission to champion 12 charities a year through the "Charity of The Month" program. Proceeds from every sale directly benefit 501(c)(3) registered organizations who are making a difference.